Jimmy Dimora Can't Pay His Lawyer




The tab for the legal defense of Jimmy Dimora in the federal corruption proceedings is going to be hefty. Super hefty. (Go ahead and insert your own Jimmy Dimora fat joke here.)

There's mountains of paperwork and countless hours of FBI wiretaps to listen to, and all told, from the moment Richard Lillie, Dimora's lawyer, started working on the case two years ago to when Dimora's trial starts in September 2011 to whenever the case finally ends, the legal bills are going to be astronomical.

And Jimmy Dimora can't pay them.

Lillie filed paperwork asking that he be removed from the case unless the government starts paying what Dimora can't.

Big Jimmy couldn't get a home equity loan because the Feds put liens against his house. According to the PD:

Dimora was unable to obtain the loan because federal prosecutors had placed liens against Dimora's house and his state pension annuity. Dimora is charged with 26-corruption related counts and had pleaded not guilty.

Lillie said Dimora is not indigent, just unable to pay for what will be a very costly defense given the mounds of evidence that will have to be examined.

Lillie, who along with partner Gretchen Holderman have represented Dimora for more than two years in connection with the corruption probe, said Dimora has been able to pay some of the costs of their representation, but not all.

Bilking the taxpayers then having them pay for your lawyer? Brilliant, right?

We suppose Jimmy might have some "discretionary income" socked away somewhere, but probably not enough to put a dent in what Lillie is going to bill.

Plus, the secondary market for ice makers and Beanie Wells' jerseys just isn't what it used to be.

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