Coke-Fueled Akron Man Steals Car, Asks Police to Follow Him to Station




For most criminals, the real score of a heist is not only the object involved in said crime, but getting away cleanly afterward.

Sure, the thrill of the moment, the adrenaline, whatever jollies they may get in committing the act — those have something to do with the crime, but none of that really matters if you get caught.

Enter Eric J. Floyd of Akron, who apparently is not like most criminals.

After doing "six bills' worth" of blow, Floyd descended upon two bystanders in a car at a gas station. He offered them $100 for the car and said someone was trying to kill him.

Then he just took the car, running over both women who were in the vehicle in the process. That's about when Floyd detoured from the normal criminal practices.

He flagged down a couple of police officers and made a surprising choice.

According to the ABJ:

Near the intersection of East Market Street and Spruce Street, the man pulled up next to several officers and told them to follow him to the police station. Floyd then drove off at a high rate of speed with the officers pursuing him, according to the report.

When Floyd arrived at the police station, he jumped out of the truck and laid down on the pavement, police said.

Officers took Floyd into custody without further incident.

OK, then.

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