Eastlake North Fans Chant Anti-Gay Slur




Take one mass spectacle; add in competitive spirit and callow insensitivity; shake: under the Friday night lights last week, a cross-town rivalry reportedly turned into large-scale homophobia. According to the Plain Dealer, when Eastlake North High School faced-off against Willoughby South, the northerners had a little “fun” regarding the baby blues worn by their southern counterparts.

Before the game the Eastlake student section launched into a rousing repeated recitation of “Power Blue [expletive].”

(It was the “F” word. The one that ends in “aggots”)

Unsurprisingly, the school’s principle Jennifer Chauby is pissed about the chant — pissed that the kids did it, but also that the media sniffed it out and spread the video all over the place (including below), that we media types ignore the school unless something negative happens.

Chauby said that a number of students admitted that they were just following everyone else and that they didn't mean to hurt anyone's feelings. Chauby also said that she didn't see what good would come from suspending about 300 students.

"What the students learned is a life lesson," Chauby said. "This is an opportunity to learn from a mistake."

Chauby is unhappy about the bad press that the school has received. She said that the good things that the students do, like

Yeah, that got boring.

Anyway, this kind of homophobia en masse comes at a bad time, PR-wise. Over the last couple of months, kids have been killing themselves across the country after homophobic teasing. Bullying is also the big buzzword these days, and, as Jan Cline, executive director of the LGBT Center of Greater Cleveland tells the PD, the chanting was just another form of it: “It sets them apart. What happened at the game tells people that its OK to say anti-gay slurs because these people are not worth much.”


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