Cleveland Cop Lashes Out at Dim and Den Sum




Food truck Dim and Den Sum hit West Sixth street last Saturday night.

If you got some grub, you probably had to walk a little further to get it. Owner-cook Chris Hodgson says police on West Sixth are giving a hard time to white business owners, too. Read his account of the big night out after the jump.

Hodgson told Scene, “Tried going to West Sixth tonight. Legal parking, people waiting. Went to park and cop said, ‘You park there, I will fucking tow you, you little fucking prick. Get the fuck outta here before I arrest you all.’

“I then parked down the street, went back to talk, and mentioned I have permits from the city and Joe Cimperman and got this: ‘You think I fucking care who you know, you fucking prick? I don't wanna talk to you. Did I say you could talk to me? I'll fucking arrest you and let them have their way with you.'"

“I walked away and sold food down the street. Amazing how the city wants to endorse and push the concept, but cops are threatening me left and right.” — D.X. Ferris

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