Five Puppies in Box Rescued From Road


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Cute, sad but ultimately happy puppy story time? Sure.

These five cute puppies — all between 10 and 12 weeks old — were found in a box on Route 162 Wednesday morning.

Speed limit on Route 162: 55 mph.

Thankfully someone saw the box on the road and stopped to retrieve the adorable little pooches before something disastrous and unthinkable happened.

According to the Medina County Gazette:

“A passer-by was on her way to work and came to a screeching halt because there was a box of puppies in the middle of the road,” SPCA Humane Officer Mary Jo Johnson said.

Spencer resident Jay Steiner said he was returning home from work to retrieve a forĀ­gotten cell phone when he saw a man and woman trying to capture the puppies, which were running around the road.

“They were both late for work and I’m a self-employed contractor, so I took the pupĀ­pies in my truck and took them home,” Steiner said.

Steiner’s wife, Pamela, often fosters dogs, cats, birds and other animals for the SPCA.

Soon thereafter, Johnson arrived to take the puppies to the SPCA facility, Steiner said.

Johnson named one of the pups Rascal because he hid beneath one of the car seats in the SPCA van.

Rascal? Awwww.

The pups will be available for adoption in two weeks.



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