Teen Booted Off Cardinal Cheer Squad for Maybe Not Drinking



What will these kids think of next.
  • What will these kids think of next.

Here at Scene we’re your number one news outlet for stories on nefarious underground conspiracies involving high school girl's athletics. The latest news in this growing genre comes out of Middlefield in Geauga County, where some serious tight-asses are manning the ship at Cardinal High School.

Channel 3 reports that 16-year-old cheerleader Bree Vargo has been unceremoniously booted from the squad thanks to a scandalous photo that was sent anonymously to school administrators.

The photo is one of 199 pics taken from a Vargo family wedding and uploaded to Facebook. In the offending shot the teen mugs with her 22-year-old cousin, their wrists twined in that lovey-dovey wedding toast way, putting the stem of a Bud Light right in front of Bree’s open mouth.

The girl and her mother both say the beer was not the teen's and that she was stone-cold sober at the event.

"I personally don't drink myself. I don't condone drinking, especially for underage children," Bree's mom told Channel 3.

Someone out there had a grudge against the teen and mailed the pic to the school. When administrators got eyes on it, they flipped. Based on this fatuous evidence, they’ve banned Bree from cheering for the last two games of the season. She can’t even wear her uniform around.

Bree says she has no idea who the narc is.

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