Good Samaritan Steals Kid's Bike



Artists rendering of the get-away vehicle.
  • Artist's rendering of the get-away vehicle.

Sometimes the Good Samaritan isn't always what he appears to be.

Witness this tale from Parma.

Melissa Piorkowski was on her way home with her son after picking him up from school last week. Both were riding bikes. Unfortunately, the 8-year-old boy took a tumble on his bike, crashing near W. 54th St. He broke his nose, knocked a couple of teeth loose, and had some facial bleeding.

Mom called 911, someone else called her husband to tell him mom and son were on their way to the hospital, an ambulance arrived, and then the Good Samaritan showed up.

According to the Parma Sun Post:

Then a man drove up in a red pickup truck with yellow flames painted on the sides. He asked if there was anything he could do.

“I thought he was just being a good Samaritan,” Piorkowski said.

Piorkowski gave the man her address and asked him to drive the two bikes back to her house and give them to her daughter.

The man said OK and loaded the bikes onto his truck.

Meanwhile, an ambulance took Brandon to Parma Community General Hospital, where he was treated and released.

The family hasn’t seen the two bikes since.

Nice guy, right?


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