Nine Inch Nails Book: Less Trent, John, and Richard, more Gus, Greg, and Anonymous




Continuum Books has posted the first taste of an upcoming book about Nine Inch Nails’ Cleveland-born debut, Pretty Hate Machine, at The long-delayed book, part of the 33 1/3 series of pocket-sized volumes about classic albums, is now firmly scheduled for March 2011 release.

Author Daphne Carr, a Youngstown native and editor of the Best Music Writing series, says she didn’t interview NIN mastermind Trent Reznor, former manager John Malm, or band alums like Richard Patrick.

“That wasn't the point of the book,” says Carr. “The idea is more about the efficacy of NIN's music and the social history that contextualizes the album's creation and reception. The book is mainly fan oral histories, and there are several fans included from the Cleveland area. I won't breach their trust by giving their full names, but they are identified in the book as Gus, Greg, and Anonymous…. I spoke with a number of [Cleveland scenesters and musicians] including Marky Ray, Tom Lash, Carlo Wolff, and Jim Benson.”

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