Victor Murillo Sentenced to Chuch Choir for Busting Loud Jams



If you dont turn that crap down, were giving you the choir.
  • "If you don't turn that crap down, we're giving you the choir."

Let me hear those pretty pipes work a heavenly melody, Victor. I wanna hear your best angel voice.

That’s a somewhat creative reinterpretation of what one Painesville Municipal Court Judge told 20-year-old Victor Murillo, a bass-and-woofer desperado up on his third criminal charge for playing loud music.

The News-Herald reports
Murillo was facing hard time for his decibel abuse, up to 30 days in jail. Judge Michael Cicconetti, however, came up with a creative punishment.

“Do you like music?” he asked Murillo.

He nodded.

The judge smiled and told Murillo he would offer him a different way to enjoy music.

The judge sentenced him to 10 days in jail, but said he could avoid that time if he joined the choir at St. Mary Catholic Church through New Year’s Day. Murillo already attends St. Mary and agreed to join the choir.

“I know they can always use the extra voices during the holidays,” Cicconetti said

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