Marc Garofoli, Cuyahoga County Bailiff, Arrested for DUI



Now we all know who you are.
  • Now we all know who you are.

19 Action News has the story of Marc Garofoli, a bailiff for Cuyahoga County Probate Judge Anthony Russo, and his arrest for DUI last night.

It's your run-of-the-mill DUI case for the most part: a cop spotted Garofoli weaving and speeding on I-480, pulled him over, and went through the field sobriety test.

The hilarious part? Garofoli pulling the "Do you know who I am?" routine because he works for a judge.

His lame attempt to get out of the arrest after the jump.

According to the police report, Garofoli asked the officer, "I don't get any professional courtesy? I work for a judge. This is political."

In another statement, Garofoli allegedly says, "I sponsor the Cleveland Police and Fire. I own a bar in Cleveland" and asked "You drive in Cuyahoga County or Cleveland?"

When the officer asked if that was a threat, he said, "You go to the county."

Absolutely shocked that didn't work.

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