Matthew Warmus, Cavs Parking Lot Killer, Found Guilty of Murder




Matthew Warmus, the 25-year-old accused of shooting and killing David Williams on April 7 in a parking lot on E. 9th, has been found guilty by a Cuyahoga County jury.

After three days of deliberation, some of which was loud and contentious enough to be heard outside the jury room, the twelve jurors decided that Warmus did not act in self defense when he shot Williams.

Judge Daniel Gaul sentenced Warmus to 15 years to life in prison.

Details from the Plain Dealer's coverage after the jump.

According to testimony, Warmus shot Williams three times, twice in the stomach and once behind his left ear. The men argued because Williams tried to charge Warmus an extra $10 for a prime spot in a lot near the Quicken Loans Arena the night of a Cavaliers game and escalated into a fight and ended when Williams wrestled Warmus to the ground into a headlock.

Prosecutors said that when he was released, Warmus walked to his car, opened the trunk, pulled out a gun and shot Williams.

Witnesses, seven in all and including Warmus' date for the evening, testified that Williams did not pull a gun on Warmus.

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