Don't Bring Cocaine to the Airport




On the list of things not to bring to the airport, drugs fall somewhere below guns but above mini bottles of shampoo. They are still on the list though.

Vincent Brown, a Florida native, either didn't know or didn't care because he tried to get some blow through security at the Akron Canton airport a few days ago.

Needless to say, things did not end well for our recreational drug user.

Police say Brown became spooked when airline security flagged him for additional screening. Fearing that his contraband would be discovered, Brown took off running. (Hint: That's not a good way to avoid bringing attention to yourself in an airport.)

He ran outside, dumped something in the woods (which police later found to be two baggies of coke), before being apprehended.

Hopefully next time he'll leave his Colombian marching powder at home with his Head and Shoulders.

(Via Fox 8)


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