Ken Lanci Drives a $340,000 Car



The Ken Lanci mobile.
  • The Ken Lanci mobile.

The car you drive says a lot about you. A minivan? You're responsible, with a family, got some kids too, and they likely play soccer.

A hybrid? You're into status, the environment, and telling people about your status and the environment.

A broken down 2000 Saturn with no heat, radio, horn, or turn signals? You write for Scene and are thankful you have a girlfriend of six years because it'd be impossible to get a date if you were currently single.

The PD's done the voting public a favor and found out what the candidates for County Executive are driving these days. No real surprises, but interesting nonetheless, especially Ken Lanci's expensive wheels.

Your favorite uber-wealthy candidate is rocking a 2008 Maybach 57s these days, MSRP between $343,250 - $382,750, getting between 10-16 mpg. See, he's just like us.

Check out the full list here (answers are at the bottom of the page, upside down, which isn't really conducive to being viewed on a computer, but whatever).

No candidates drive a Dodge Stratus, but that doesn't mean we can't post this video anyway.

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