Rat Poison Found in Kid's Halloween Bag


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Not as yummy as Snickers.
  • Not as yummy as Snickers.

You hear the horror stories, you listen to the warnings of over-protective parents, but you never believe this crap actually happens. I mean, the worst you can expect your kid to endure on Halloween night is the old lady giving out pennies or the goody-goody mom giving out toothbrushes, right?

No, apparently not.

Not to get all hysterical, because this was probably an isolated sick joke or something, but some kid in Euclid opened his little Halloween bag this weekend and found a box of rat poison.

According to 19 Action News:

Officers say this is the only complaint they have received and sent the DCON pack out to a lab for more analysis.

Authorities do believe someone put the rat poison in the bag on purpose.

The family went trick-or-treating in the area of East 215th and East 222nd streets.


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