Parking Spot Argument Turns Violent



Holy heavens that looks stressful.
  • Holy heavens that looks stressful.

Parking lots blow. Busy parking lots blow more. It's a wonder there's not more incidents of parking lot rage in this world. Drivers taking too long to park, drivers parking in more than one spot, drivers parking crooked, drivers almost running over pedestrians, drivers just acting like stupid drivers — it's all stressful.

But no matter what happens, none of this is cause of for violence. At least most of it.

One woman endured the dark side of parking lot rage at a local Giant Eagle near the end of October.

There was a disagreement about a spot, and then things got all punchy.

According to 19 Action News:

The victim says while she was parking she honked at another driver who was blocking the aisle.

The woman who was doing the blocking then got out of her car, walked to the victim's car, opened her door and punched the victim in her face.

The victim says she was hit nearly six times before the attacker stated, "If you ever f*%$ with me again, I will end your life."

The victim made a police report and described her attacker only as a 5' 2'' heavy set black woman weighing about 200 lbs.


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