Dominic Fracchione, Lorain Teacher, Busted for Booze 'n Blow Cruisin'



Theres something on your upper lip.
  • "There's something on your upper lip."

One Lorain High School teacher is battling the worst hangover of his life this morning, and probably not just from the booze and blow bender he raged last night. According to the Morning Journal, police spotted 36-year-old Dominic Fracchione swerving between the lanes Friday morning at around 2:15 a.m. When a cruiser pulled behind, the teach made the logical next move: He stepped on the gas and tried to outgun the cops.

He was finally pulled over and cuffed. After blowing a whooper, .211, Fracchione was searched and cops found 1.2 grams of la cocainia in his pocket. It turns out he’d already racked up three OVI convictions previously.

He also really wanted the cops to know he was an educator.

While being taken to the jail, Fracchione told the officer his students look up to him and that he wanted to go home and sleep so he could be at school in the morning, the report stated.

Throughout the arrest, police said Fracchione continued to remind the officer he was a teacher.

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