Man Puts Cat in Oven (Updated)



Tigger, pictured outside of an oven.
  • Tigger, pictured outside of an oven.

18-year-old Randy Atkinson received a $500 fine, five years of probation, counseling, and an order that he can't own any animals as punishment for putting his mom's boyfriend's cat in a hot oven. (Fox 8)


Every once in awhile a story pops up to remind us that there are sociopaths everywhere.

Bear witness to the deranged mind of a 18-year-old in Lodi who combined cooking and pets, but not in the cute "I'm baking cookies that look like my cat" sorta way. More in the "I'm baking my cat" sorta way.

The details of a cat named Tigger and his sad trip to the oven courtesy of 19 Action News:

Lodi Police tell 19 Action News that on October 30th, the cat's owner Chuck Garnett left the cat with his friend Stephanie Atkinson because he was in the process of moving to a new home.

Stephanie had to leave the apartment for a short while and her 18-year-old son, Randy put the cat into the oven.

Animal cruelty charges are pending against the teen.

Besides the burned paws, Tigger also suffered internal damage.

The cat is recovering at a local animal hospital.

(Bonus points, by the way, to 19 Action News for the punny "Paw-thetic" headline to their story.)

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