Cleveland Saw Most TV Political Ads in the Country



A little Diddy would have gone a long way this season.
  • A little Diddy would have gone a long way this season.

Cleveland was Election 2010's ground zero for the war to control your eyeballs, according recent reports from media watchdog Nielsen.

Media Life today says that an all time high 1.48 million ads were shown this election season, with Ohio sitting as the most swamped market. Cleveland had the honor of being the most ad-choked section of the state.

So the answer is no, you weren’t imagining that there was nothing but political ads on TV last month.

Nielsen estimates that 1.48 million political ads aired on television last month, more than the 1.41 million that aired in the same month two years ago, when John McCain and Barack Obama were running for president.

October had roughly twice as many political ads as any other month — not surprising considering it was the month before the Nov. 2 election.

With all these television rays beaming election slogans and awkward set-pieces into your brainwaves, you must have gone out and voted on election day.

No, no actually, you probably didn’t.

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