Forbes: Cleveland Institute of Art Grads Have Most Debt


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Sorry CIA, Bs outting you.
  • Sorry CIA, B's outting you.

Let’s call it as it is: Forbes has beef with Cleveland. There’s no other was to explain what we’re about to dish you, especially in light of last year’s less than flattering title the publication dropped on our fair metropolis.

Next in the pub’s intractable effort to hit Cleveland: this week Forbes has now targeted one of the area’s esteemed institutions — The Cleveland Institute of Art. According to recent online article, CIA leaves students with more debt then any other college in the country — an average of $61,270.

The data was examined by the publication in coordination with the Project on Student Debt. The number crunchers took a microscope to 2009 figures and determined what schools were sending out fresh grads with the greatest financial handicap. According to Forbes, 81 percent of CIA graduates leave campus with debt. Also topping the list of student-screwers were American University, Buena Vista University, and Eastern Nazarene College.

The study puts Berea College (in Kentucky, not Berea, OH), Caldwell College, and Cal Tech as the school that crank out newly-minted adults with the best debt situations.

Despite putting together this glossy slide show of the unlucky top 20 schools, Forbes wants you to know this isn't a competition.

“The report cautions against ranking individual schools against each other at the top and bottom of its debt ranges, due to imprecision in the data, but it does identify the colleges it is confident fall into those ranges.”

So, the data is totally imprecise, but you can totally take their word for it.

When will this smear campaign end, Forbes?


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