Students Stuffed in Trunk, Run Over




There's Kids Behaving Like Kids, and then there's reckless behavior that goes above and beyond and into danger territory.

Cleveland police say two seniors at Whitney M. Young School stuffed a freshman and an eighth-grader into the trunk of a car and drove around the school parking lot on Monday. The hazing ploy, like something straight out of Dazed and Confused, ended badly.

When one of the boys unlatched the trunk and both boys fell out, one of them was hit by another car.

As always, it's all fun and games until someone gets hit by a car.

According to NewsNet5:

One of the victims, who is an eighth-grade student, said he was standing in the parking lot after basketball practice when a group of other students yelled, "There go some freshmen." Cleveland police said they were forced into the trunk by the group of hazers.

The second victim, a 15-year-old boy, was able to pull the latch release and they both fell from the trunk. A 17-year-old female student driving then backed up and ran over the 14-year-old, the representative said.

The victim was treated and released at University Hospital.

The driver was arrested and charged with felonious assault, kidnapping, hazing and criminal activity on school property.


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