Drunks to Get Free Rides Home Courtesy of the Parma Police This Holiday Season


Get a ride home and avoid this.
  • Get a ride home and avoid this.

Tis the season for turkey and shopping and gifts and holiday spirit. Oh, and tis the season for spirits, too.

Whether you're drinking out of boredom, self-medicating through an over abundance of family-time, or trying to drink every drop of Christmas Ale that Great Lakes produced this year, there will be much imbibing during the cold winter months and Parma wants to make sure you get home safely.

Here's their offer: Any bar that signs up with the new Safe Ride Home Program and displays a poster will have vouchers, courtesy of the Parma police, for a free cab ride home. Yes, you have to go home, they won't take you to another bar.

According to the Parma Sun Post:

The program started Monday and will run through 11:59 p.m. Jan. 1 at participating bars and restaurants throughout the city.

“It’s not a new idea but it’s something we’ve never done in Parma,” said Parma police Capt. Bob Miller.

Here’s how it works: Restaurant or bar patrons who believe they’re too drunk to drive would express that concern to the bartender or restaurant staff.

The bar or restaurant would have to be a willing participant in the program by having a Safe-Ride-Home poster in the building.

The bartender or staff would give the intoxicated patrons a voucher for a cab ride. The bartender, restaurant staff or patron would then call the cab company.

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