Man Caught Using Whizzinator for Drug Test



Heres the Whizzinator kit.
  • Here's the Whizzinator kit.

The Whizzinator, if you didn't know, is basically a prosthetic penis attached to a bag filled with clean urine that people use to try and pass drug tests. You see, it looks like you're urinating, so there's less suspicion involved, and you can surreptitiously empty out your bag of clean pee into the sample jar and no one's the wiser that you juked the system. Brilliant!

Of course, if there's a malfunction with the Whizzinator, things are bound to go badly, not just because you'll probably fail a drug test with your real urine, but because you're caught with a plastic dong attached to your body and it'll be all over the news.

That's the unfortunate reality for Brian McNemar.

According to 19 Action News:

A 22-year-old busted for violating his parole was sentenced to 30-days in jail on Thursday.

Brian McNemar was in trouble for receiving stolen property and a number of drug violations.

He tried using what's called the "Whizzinator" to give a fake urine sample, but screwed it up and ended up wetting himself in front of a probation officer.

"I asked him to turn around, noticed a wet spot on the back of his pants," said probation officer Stan Cvitkovich.

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