Mayfield Heights Man Invites Ex Over to Do Coke, She Calls Cops Instead



Baby, I know we havent gotten along lately, but I got a surprise for you.
  • "Baby, I know we haven't gotten along lately, but I got a surprise for you."

You know how it goes: you and your old lady are wading through a bad patch, have lost that former magic, so you extend the olive branch, maybe invite her over to the house for some adult refreshment and meaningful conversation, perhaps a gram of cocaine, too. Who could resist that?

Apparently, the ex-wife of a Mayfield Height’s guy wasn’t charmed by such an offer. According to the Sun News police blotter, a man on Longview Drive text messaged his ex to come on over and enjoy this blow with him, just like old times. Her response was to contact police.

When officers arrived on scene, they surrounded the house and knocked on the door. The unsuspecting man opened up, expecting to see his former love waiting there beaming with a big-ole’ coke-hungry grin on her face. When he saw it was the 5-O, he slammed the door shut and tried to bolt out the back. He was quickly arrested.


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