Charges Filed in Emma Nahas' Death




Scene readers might remember the sad case of Emma Nahas, the 20-year-old girl who drowned on Lake Erie this summer while pleasure-cruising with a group of friends and older men. A lot of unanswered questions orbited around the situation and today the Cuyahoga County prosecutor office handed out a round of indictments against those involved, although the charges don’t exactly bring resolution to the matter.

The charges were expected. Alex Cucu, the mid-30 Willoughby businessman who owned the boat, was charged by the Coast Guard immediately following the incident with boating under the influence of alcohol. Today, county prosecutors slapped Cucu with “five counts of furnishing liquor and five counts of allowing underage drinking in a place under his control,” according to Channel 5, first-degree misdemeanors.

Another older guy on board at the time, John Slyman, was hit with “five counts of furnishing beer to an underage person.” Also the four other girls on the boat with Nahas were charged with underage possession and consumption of alcohol.

The county coroner’s office determined foul play had no hand in the girl’s death.

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