Man Impersonating an Officer Pulls Over and Gropes Woman



Pretty clearly this cop is not real.
  • Pretty clearly this cop is not real.

Ladies, it's probably a prudent idea if you are being pulled over to make sure it's an actual police officer and not a pervert impersonating a lawman looking for a way to fondle you.

There's a report out of Wickliffe of a man driving a sedan who used a blue siren to pull over a woman recently. He was dressed sort of like a cop and had something resembling a badge. The suspect told the victim she was being pulled over for a broken fog lamp. He proceeded to ask her to get out of her vehicle and then fondled her breasts, crotch, and butt.

According to the News Herald:

The suspect then sent the woman on her way with a verbal warning.

“Obviously, this was not a police car, nor a police officer,” Bush said.

The woman did not get the man’s license plate number but did tell police it was an Ohio License plate with the newly styled plates intact, Bush said.

Wickliffe police have not heard of any other cases since the incident and Bush said this case is rather rare.

If anyone has any information regarding the situation, they are encouraged to contact the Wickliffe Police Department at 440-943-1234.


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