Peyton Hillis Likes to Chase Wild Boar




It should come as no surprise given his down-home country-boy demeanor, but Browns running back Peyton Hillis likes to hunt wild boar.

From a Columbus Dispatch article on Cleveland's new cult hero:

"It's crazy," Peyton Hillis says with a Southern twang.

His eyes burn as he explains to the microphone- and notebook-toting city folk media who are asking how someone hunts a wild boar.

"You get a team of boys together, a bunch of dogs, you get (the boar) up against a tree and shoot him or cut him," Hillis says.

The Browns running back, an Arkansas native, stares as if he's explaining addition to a third-grader.

"It's simple," he says.

Oh, and Hillis is also trying to corral Browns teammates into participating in a two-week cattle drive from Wyoming to Canada this summer. Yep. That's our guy.

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