The 'Stand Up for Loko' Campaign



Or, ya know, sit down for Loko.
  • Or, ya know, sit down for Loko.

Four Loko is the delightful caffeinated alcohol beverage that has dropped kids across the country into comas and earned a torrent of scorn from the media, though not from this respected source.

On the eve of the federal government’s December banning of Four Loko, Cleveland’s Absolute Intense Wrestling has found a way to cash in. The company that brought you such not-quite superstars as “Blackballed” and “Dave the Potato” is holding a “Stand Up for Loko” campaign.

At the November 26 “Hell on Earth 6” event at St. Gregory’s Byzantine Hall in Lakewood, promoters are offering $3 off the usual $10 admission if you bring a can of Four Loko to chug at your leisure.

A press release calls it a demonstration against the government crackdown and “recent negative attacks by the media.” But for a company known for its $10 all-you-can-drink beer specials, this is what’s known as marketing synergy.

“It’s a total publicity stunt,” says PR guy John Thorne. “We figured we could appeal to the younger generation with this. A lot of people seem to be really supportive of it.”


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