Medina Bans Internet Gaming Cafes



Just like crack.
  • Just like crack.

The Great American Internet Gaming Debate of 2010 continues. As Scene alerted readers to recently, cities across Ohio are currently tapping their toes wondering whether or not to let internet gaming dens crop up in within their limits. For those of you who are under 65 and don’t live in Parma, internet gaming cafes — also known as sweepstake cafes — are joints where customers can gamble online in threadbare splendor. The debate spins around the question of whether or not the establishments count as casinos.

According to the Plain Dealer, Medina has just joined the list of cities banning the cafes. Last night the city council approved a six-month moratorium on the concept.

City officials began discussing the issue last month after receiving several calls asking for allowance to open sweepstakes cafes in city limits.

“I can tell you that the Police Chief (Patrick Berarducci), Law Director (Greg Huber) and I believe it to be gambling,” Mayor Dennis Hanwell said on Monday.

“Our position is, it’s not legal to be in the community, period,” he added.

The cities of Cleveland, Wadsworth, and Brunswick have already instituted at least temporary moratoriums on internet cafes.

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