Cleveland Tops Country in Recession Recovery



Not exactly that kind of recovery.
  • Not exactly that kind of recovery.

Well that wasn’t too bad, was it, Northeast Ohio? Now that we’ve totally kicked the Great Recession’s ass, it’s time to compete for who has the bragging rights to best recovery. You’ll be happy to know, Cleveland is in the top 10 for bounce-back, according to the bow-tied and bespectacled Brookings Institute and London School of Economics.

This, from today’s Plain Dealer:

Cleveland came in 10th among 50 U.S. metro areas ranked. The other Ohio metro areas ranked were Cincinnati, which placed 17th and Columbus, which came in at 31.

A few American metros achieved strong turnarounds, moving from the bottom 50 to the top 50 in the rankings between the recession and recovery periods, including Charlotte, Cleveland, Detroit and Minneapolis, said the report. Their experiences are consistent with stronger performance in the U.S. banking, manufacturing and business services sectors in 2010.

Cleveland ranked 49 of 150 international and U.S. metropolitan areas evaluated for the strength of their recoveries. (Cincinnati came in at 62, and Columbus at 81).

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