William Van Dyke, Grave Robbing A-Hole, Delays Sentencing


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One of the nastiest bits of Cleveland crime to come across the police blotter recently was William Van Dyke, the 23-year-old d-bag who swiped copper vases from graves in a Cleveland cemetery. He was due in court today to get a dose of just deserts, but the hearing has been pushed back. He’s sick. Or something.

According to 19ActionNews:

The 23-year-old Olmsted Falls man stole numerous copper flower vases from gravesites located at the Brooklyn Heights Cemetery on Broadview Road in Cleveland. In total, approximately 150 bronze vases were stolen.

VanDyke was indicted in two cases pertaining to the stolen vases. The second case has two co-defendants whose cases are pending. Officials were made aware that vases were taken to Ohio Metal Recycling Company located on Grand Avenue in Cleveland.

Van Dyke copped to two counts of receiving stolen property and theft. He was ordered to pay $31,500 back to the cemetery. Oh yeah, and as part of his little scheme Bill swiped the vases off the graves of dead kids.



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