Men Pose as Women to Sexually Assault Underage Boy




If you're a nice young man and you meet two young women on Facebook and they invite you down to the Inter-Continental Hotel for some sex and they offer to send a limo to pick you up, it's probably too good to be true. Worse than that, they're probably just men.

Even worse than that, if you show up, they'll probably try to have sex with you.

According to 19 Action News, that's exactly what Quinton Harris and Frederick Lamar are accused of doing. They solicited the boy online via Facebook, invited him out for a romp, and dressed up as women.

After the limo dropped him off at the hotel, things got weird.

Quinton Harris is charged with rape and Frederick Lamar has been charged with unlawful sexual conduct with a minor.


After meeting, the boy thought they were two girls and police say once they started having sex it became clear the she's, were he's.

Sex crimes investigators are now wondering what else those two bosom buddies have been doing.

Wait, he couldn't tell they weren't women until after they started having sex? Those gentlemen must have been mighty convincing.


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