Ethics Investigator Says Bob Taft "Not Fundamentally Corrupt"




Former governor Bob Taft pleaded no contest back in 2005 to four misdemeanors stemming from his failure to disclose gifts from lobbyists. And then there was that whole Coingate thing. The Republican finished out his second term in office, but not without a taint on his legacy.

Now the lead ethics investigator, in an interview with the AP, says that Taft was "not fundamentally corrupt."

Um, OK...

According to WHIO, Ohio Ethics Commission executive director David Freel also laid out more backhanded compliments when he called Taft a "decent public servant," and said it was good of Taft to admit his crimes to the Ohio public. The Republican was also commended for not being nearly as bad as the rest of corrupt Ohio officials David Freel has seen during his long tenure.

So, basically, Taft's a circumstantially corrupt-ish, gullible, not-so-bright public official and David Freel is really super proud of him for that. We really aim high, Ohio, don't we?

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