FitzGerald Dishes Details on New County Gov't


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Today we finally got some details on the re-organization of county government under new top dog Ed FitzGerald. The country exec-elect says he plans to trim down the government and organize the staff into new clusters, according to Channel 3. FitzGerald released his plan this morning.

FitzGerald is organizing administrative operations into four separate clusters: human services, justice system affairs, economic development and administrative operations.

There are now 20 department directors. That will be reduced to ten. FitzGerald said some departments will be merged or consolidated.

FitzGerald is creating some new positions. He will have a Chief of Staff and four Deputy Chiefs of Staff for each cluster.

There will also be an Inspector General with wide power to investigate alleged irregularities and wrongdoing.
There will be a Chief Information Officer to give the county a leadership role in information technology and make better use of it internally and externally.

There will be a Director of Regional Cooperation, a new position, to try to explore ways the county can work with cities and other counties to become more efficient and save money.


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