Man Tries to Break Into Carl Monday's House



You dont want to anger this man.
  • You don't want to anger this man.

It's a crapshoot for a criminal when choosing a home to break into. Could be loaded with goods, could be empty. Could be empty, the owners could be home. There could be a dog, there could be an alarm. It could belong to just anyone, or it could belong to someone you really don't want to piss off.

Like a cop.

Or Carl Monday.

According to the Plain Dealer, a thief was seen trying to break into a Warehouse District condo recently. Bystanders saw the action and reported it to the police.

Ottie Philpott, recently out of prison, chose a random Warehouse District condo to break into in August. But employees at Sammy's spotted him trying to bust down the front door and called the cops.

They nabbed him, even without the help of the condo's owner, Cleveland's in-your-face TV muckraker himself.

Caught red-handed, Philpott pleaded guilty to attempted burglary and was sentenced to three years in prison just before Thanksgiving with Cleveland's trench-coated hero there to see justice served.

Thankfully Carl Monday's 38 trench coats are still safe and sound.

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