Brother Assaults Brother in Fight Over Who Got to Sleep on the Couch




Brothers fight every now and then. It's just normal sibling rivalry stuff. There's a fight over a toy, or maybe who gets to play a video game, or a mean word, and suddenly there's a tussle.

That's exactly what happened between brothers Ricky Glover and Jerry Glover, except they aren't 8-year-olds, the fight wasn't over a toy, and there was a weapon involved.

Ricky, 52, took a pair of pliers and went after his brother Jerry, 47, around 5 a.m. on Tuesday morning because the two were fighting over who would get to sleep on a couch.

According to NewsNet5:

Police said Ricky Glover hit his brother on the head several times with a pair of pliers. Jerry Glover had two lacerations on the side of his head and was taken to a local hospital to be treated for his injuries.

Ricky Glover was charged with domestic violence. He was also taken to an area hospital for treatment of minor injuries.

Christmas is going to be awkward around the Glover house. Maybe they should invest in an air mattress before then, just to keep the peace. And hide the pliers, apparently.

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