Crook Steals Bible, Sunday School Materials From Car



The thief got Jesus, and thats probably a good thing.
  • The thief got Jesus, and that's probably a good thing.

The thief who broke into a car in Elyria and swiped Bibles and assorted Sunday school materials is probably in line for some bad karma, or juju, or whatever you want to call it. It's just bad.

According to police, the Cash family returned to their car after eating with some church friends to find a window bashed in and some of their belongings gone. WKYC reports that the church-related goods taken from the car included items needed for the Holy Communion.

The Cash family had an interesting response to the theft.

But when it comes to a good lesson the Noel and Pam Cash think the burglar got away with something they needed. "They got Jesus," Noel Cash laughed.


The family, from Elyria, is relieved the culprit didn't get away with their personal information or money.

"All you can do is pray that they don't do it to anyone else or hurt anybody that it's serious where they take their life, something from them really really serious, like their identity," Pam said.

Good luck to the thief, because this is going to take a helluva explanation when he meets St. Peter one day.


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