Man Caught With Pot in Shrimp Cans



Maybe its really pot.
  • Maybe it's really pot.

Drug dealers and couriers have found ingenious places to stash their stashes throughout the years, but shrimp cans are a new one to us.

The Ohio State Highway Patrol reports that they arrested Jose Guzman, 60, from Kentucky, after a routine traffic stop on Tuesday.

Troopers say they pulled over a 1997 Buick for following too close and marked lane violations in Chillicothe. After getting a hint that something was amiss, they brought out a drug-sniffing pooch.

The pooch quickly picked up a scent and soon they discovered 25 pounds of pot — street value: $120,000 — stashed in metal shrimp containers.

Guzman has been charged with possession and trafficking of marijuana. Here's to hoping his first meal in prison is shrimp.

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