Santa Claus Un-Patriotic, According to Willoughby Residents


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Yo, Willoughby, you been naughty or nice?
  • "Yo, Willoughby, you been naughty or nice?"

These are the media doldrums for Willoughby. Not only does the city’s school district have a well-aired problem with homosexuals, now residents there are crying foul about a certain red-suited subversive who’s usurped the Stars and Stripes in an alleged effort to undermine the US war effort overseas. Or something like that.

You should check out downtown Willoughby. It’s tricked out with Christmas decorations, a pretty nice set up, as far as community lighting goes. Also, spiking the tree line, a neon Santa Claus rides a flagpole. But in order to get St. Nick up on that structure, the city had to take down the American bunting usually flapping there.

That doesn’t sit well with some residents. Cue the ridiculousness, via Fox 8:

"A flagpole is not a support for a Santa Claus, it's a flagpole to fly the flag," said Linda Wilson.

Wilson is a concerned Lake County resident who noticed the flag that used to fly in the public park on Erie Street was removed and replaced with an illuminated Santa Claus.

"Right now, we are at war and I think to have a flagpole in the middle of the town without a flag on it is like, to me, unpatriotic," said Wilson.

To their credit, the city is taking this in stride, saying, WTF? A city officials reports this is the first time anyone’s ever complained, but hey, we’ll take care it. Next year. The exhibit is already hard-wired, so patriotic residents are just going to have to put up with the red man for the remainder of the season.


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