Footprints in Snow Lead to Arrests



Police can follow these, just so you know.
  • Police can follow these, just so you know.

Pro tip for criminals: If you leave footprints in the snow from the scene of a crime to your house, police will probably find you.

Take these two incidents as confirmation of that fact.

First, from Ravenna:

It wasn’t a trail of bread crumbs, but a trail of footprints in the snow that led Ravenna police to arrest Seth R. Porter, 24, of 6230 Ferndale St., Ravenna Township, for a break-in at Smoke City, 940 E. Main St. in Ravenna.
Officers responding to a reported break-in tracked footprints in the snow directly to Porter’s residence, less than a mile away.


And this one from Sandusky:

Officers stopped Hunter as he was walking on Cleveland Road near Sycamore Line. They received a call about a man in a hooded jacket seen walking near three driveways and checking car doors.

Someone rifled through a glove box in one vehicle parked in the 1100 block of Perry St. Police found boot prints in the snow leading to two locked vehicles, indicating someone tried to enter those cars, a police report said.

Hunter denied being near any cars and asked officers if they could give him a ride to his cousin's home because it was cold outside. Instead, officers asked Hunter to take off his boot.

Officers then used the boot to make an impression in the snow, next to a print already next to the vehicles. It was a match, the report said.

Super brilliant, if just because he asked the cops for a ride because it was cold.

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