Report: Eugene Sanders Eying Top Post at Bowling Green


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Eugene Sanders, looking west.
  • Eugene Sanders, looking west.

When Dr. Eugene Sanders resigned as CEO of Cleveland Public Schools earlier this week, it came as quite a shock to everyone. The district is in the midst of its "Transformation Plan," Sanders had just received a contract extension, and expectations were that Sanders would ride out that contract to oversee his master plan.

But he resigned, announcing that he would leave the post in February. The original Plain Dealer report cited sources that Sanders had his eye on a post in higher education.

Which made sense. Having put in his time in a struggling school district, in a position which gets all the blame and little credit, it seemed natural that Sanders would be looking forward to a cushy job at a college with a fat paycheck and none of the hardships of overseeing a large, urban metropolitan school system.

A new report from the Toledo Blade puts specifics on what Sanders may be aiming for.

According to the paper, Sanders is eying the top post at Bowling Green State University, a school at which he received multiple degrees, and which is close to his hometown of Toledo.

Eugene Sanders, the former Toledo Public Schools superintendent who left four years ago to run the Cleveland school system, wants to become the next president of Bowling Green State University, according to university sources.

The 53-year-old is one of about 25 candidates for the job the university plans to fill by May, the start of the next academic year.

"My understanding is that he is very interested," said William Primrose III, a BGSU trustee and head of the search committee.

He said he didn't think Mr. Sanders retired from his Cleveland job just for this opportunity. "It wouldn't make sense because there's no such thing as a shoo-in," said Mr. Primrose, a small business owner from Cleveland who graduated from BGSU.


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