Council Members Disappointed With Sanders' Exit



Its been fun, but you just dont say no at Bowling Green.
  • "It's been fun, but you just don't say no at Bowling Green."

Talent has just been skipping town left and right. First He-Who-Shall-Not-Be-Named booked for South Beach. Then, Plain Dealer Editor Susan Golderg exited stage left for a job running Bloomberg. And now, the latest to make for the county line is Cleveland School’s boss Dr. Eugene Sanders.

Two members of Cleveland Council are not happy with Sanders’ hasty retreat. On Wednesday Kevin Conwell and T.J. Dow issued a joint statement airing their “disappointment” with the cut and run.

We understand that in life one must make changes to grow and develop their careers. However, when one is a leader for our children, a role model, and someone who must set an example of commitment you cannot simply walk away. Dr. Sanders will leave Cleveland behind, but our children remain in a school district struggling to redefine itself.

As the councilmen point out, Sanders is leaving before his “radical” Transformation Plan has had an opportunity to take off. The plan — which includes closing schools and juggling around student bodies — was launched in August.

On Fox 8 this week, Sanders admitted his decision to hop off the Cleveland gig was precipitated by the opening up of the top job at Bowling Green State University. He’s currently one of 25 candidates for the job.

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