John Kasich Wants More School Snow Days


The one thing Ohio kids need is more time off.
  • The one thing Ohio kids need is more time off.

Gov-Elect John Kasich isn’t even strapped into the pilot’s seat yet and he’s already wussing out. What force has the Wall Streeter-cum-politician back peddling? None other than Ohio’s notorious winters.

Channel 5 has a story about how Kasich has been telling the press he’d like to see the state go back to the five day calamity policy. Gov. Ted Strickland shaved two days off the policy during his reign in order to keep kids in school for more time. Kasich wants the old policy back.

Republican John Kasich says his 10-year-old daughter Reese brought up the issue, and he also has heard complaints from other children and parents about the cutback to three calamity days last year.

So what have we learned on this one? Yes, that if your father is in a position of power you can totally abuse it in order to get out of school.

Dare we ask, if a couple inches of powder are too much for Kasich to handle, how’s he going to match up with the state’s deficit?

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