Man Sees Jesus in Christmas Candy




Add another entry to the list of Food Items In Which People Have Claimed to See Jesus.

This time it's an Ohio man who says that the images of Jesus and Mary are on a piece of Christmas candy that he bought.

And he's positive of this fact. Well, mostly positive. Somewhere between 80-85% positive, which is good enough for us. (Incidentally, we also think Jesus forgives sins for which you're 80-85% sorry.)

NewsNet5 reports:

James Burrows of Toledo said he spotted the Christ child and his mother while buying a container of candy at a market where he works.

The Vietnam veteran said it's a very strong resemblance.

"I'd say somewhere between 80 to 85 percent. I've showed it to several people even without the postage stamps to compare it to and they couldn't believe the similarity — it's uncanny. If you see beauty in something, then you should enjoy it— and if you can't, you should move on."

Burrows said he is considering selling the candy, so he can donate the money to veterans’ charities and his church.

You can be sure this is real because the images of Jesus and Mary appeared on Christmas candy, not a latka.

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