Thieves Steal Cross Filled With Son's Ashes



St. Peter does not approve.
  • St. Peter does not approve.

Take the bad karma of stealing jewelry from someone and go ahead and multiply it by a thousand if what you stole was no mere necklace, but a memento filled with the ashes of a dead relative.

The Deccola family came home to their house on Gertrude to find their belongings ransacked. Among the missing items taken by the intruders: a 14-carat-gold necklace that belonged to one of the daughters.

It wasn't just any necklace, however — it was filled with ashes from her brother, who died at the age of 18. Mom had one made for each member of the family after his death.

The sad tale from Fox 8:

"It means a lot to me, it's something that you can't replace and I just want it for my daughter when she gets older. I don't think they realize there's my son's ashes in that little cross," said Deccola.

Deccola said the thieves also stole a 42" TV, $600 in cash, Christmas presents for her daughter, a custom ring her husband bought her for Christmas, gift cards and a DVD player. The only item Deccola wants back is the necklace.

Deccola wants to get the word out in case the necklace ends up at a pawn shop or in the hands of someone else. Although no amount of money can replace what she's lost, she hopes whoever did this will return it.

"Just return the charm. You can put it in the mailbox or something. That's the only thing I want back. They can keep everything else," said Deccola.

St. Peter does not approve.


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