Drunk College Student Arrested for Trying to Cut Down Pine Tree for Christmas




Alcohol, college, 30-foot-tall pine tree, Christmas season, cops — you can probably guess how this story ends.

Welcome to our favorite libation-tinged act of holiday cheer on a college campus this week.

The AP reports:

Police in Ohio have arrested a Miami University student they say was drunkenly trying to chop down a 30-foot pine he wanted for a Christmas tree.

Oxford police tell the Hamilton JournalNews they were called early Sunday morning. They say the 21-year-old told them he planned to chop down the pine and then cut off the top part for his own Christmas tree.

Police say a friend apparently took off with the ax.

Our young lumberjack must have been drunk. Wwho would possibly ruin a 30-foot tree by chopping off half of it? Clearly he was not in his right mind.

He was charged with disorderly conduct-public intoxication.

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