Med Mart Lures Exhibitors With Fancy Exhibit of Their Own




The folks behind Cleveland’s Medical Mart are out rustling up conferences and trade shows, the better to fill our forthcoming convention center’s exhibit halls with display booths. To accomplish this, they are setting up a display booth in the exhibit halls of other people’s conferences and trade shows.

You may recall that the developer, MMPI of Chicago, promised to bring 50 to 60 conventions to town each year, though the count thus far is stalled at 16 as the clock ticks down to groundbreaking.

But if MMPI’s sales pitch needs work, at least its booth is looking fabulous: Earlier this month in New Orleans, it was named the coolest-looking display at an annual exhibition held for people who hold annual exhibitions.

The booth’s design, which incorporates iPads and a Med Mart app, adheres to the MMPI tradition of building lovely structures that nobody wants to visit. It’s modeled in the minimalist tradition, reflecting MMPI’s approach to revealing where our $465 million is going.


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