Napping Man Shoots Himself In Car



Not the safest decision.
  • Not the safest decision.

30-year-old Mahmoud Ajaj was driving with his family on the Ohio Turnpike early Monday morning when he realized he needed some shuteye.

For safety's sake, it's always the wise choice to stop driving if you feel tired.

Ajaj took safety to the next level, however, when he decided it was safest for his family if he held his gun while he slept — ya know, just in case someone should try to rob them while he napped or something.

That last part of Highway Safety 101 by Mahmoud Ajaj, however, backfired on our young traveler.

NewsNet5 reports that Ajaj somehow pulled the trigger on his gun while he was catching some z's, shooting himself in the left leg.


Ajaj was treated at a local hospital and released.

If you're wondering what sort of man accidentally shoots himself while he's sleep in a car with his wife and two young children, it might make sense to know that Ajaj is from Michigan.


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