Cleveland's 2010 Summed Up In One Video




We somehow missed this video the first time around, but after stumbling upon it yesterday, we're pretty sure there's no better few minutes that perfectly encapsulate what 2010 has meant to Cleveland.

To set the scene: The clip is from a patented Carl Monday investigation. Cleveland's favorite private-eye stalks Public Employee 39 (one Miss Gina Meuti-Coppers), who the Feds allege slept with Jimmy Dimora for a job in the Bedford courts.

And if the video (and thus Cleveland's 2010) had to be boiled down to its essence, there's a single line midway through that seems mighty appropriate. It's when Monday bluntly asks Meuti-Coppers, "What was it like getting it on with the big guy?" before being shoved away by a Bedford police officer in what has to be the finest Hawaiian shirt we've seen in a long time.

Yep, this was our year. Sad.

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