Morning Brew: Lakewood Further Solidifies LGBT Rights, Casino News, Problems at Ohio State, and Eugene Sanders' Replacement




Good morning(ish), Cleveland. Here's some stuff to read while you find something else to do with the time you had penciled in to watch Ohio State play in the Sugar Bowl.

— Looks like suspensions could be coming for Ohio State as the Buckeyes get ready for the Sugar Bowl against Alabama. Multiple reports allege that players, including starters, may have traded autographs for free tattoos. If true, that would totally be worse than what Cam Newton and his dad did. (

— Who's going to replace Eugene Sanders as CEO of Cleveland's schools? We say Michael Stanley, but he's our answer to everything. The PD takes a more realistic look into the future. (

— Lakewood passed more ordinances protecting the rights of the LGBT community. If you ever want to go see America, just go to Lakewood. (AOL Patch)

— Caesars will run Cleveland's casino. It's going to be weird playing blackjack and looking at that cartoon Roman guy holding pizza on a stick. (NewsNet5)

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