Shooting at Wickliffe Teen Nightclub



This teen is a computer generated image, so shes safe.
  • This teen is a computer generated image, so she's safe.

Ah, the teen nightclub — there's no other American institution like it. It’s kind of like a full-blown nightclub on training wheels, or an unchaperoned high school dance left to culminate in it’s own logical conclusion: newly discovered libidos getting their full workout under the strobe lights, teenie boppers dropping Molly in the bathroom stalls, the Top 40 echoing out of bad woofers, all in some strip mall anchor space six-months earlier a Chuck E. Cheese, six-months down the line a Bennigan’s. Who didn’t fall in love at such a spot?

Unfortunately, one local teen club hosted more than the usual hormonal upheaval this weekend. According to 19ActionNews, police were called to Wickliffe’s Evolution Night Club Sunday night after someone snapped off a few rounds while 200 to 300 kids mingled about the club.

Trouble started earlier in the night, when several teens were ejected from the club after an altercation. It is believed one of the troublemakers returned with a semi-automatic handgun and fired about three rounds inside the bar, as well as several additional rounds in the parking lot. The thug fled the scene immediately after the shooting and before officers arrived.

Two kids were hit — a 15-year-old Solon boy and 16-year-old Cleveland girl. Both are expected to recover. Police believe the trigger man is between 15 and 17. They’re pursuing leads now. This isn’t the first time the club’s gotten into hot water with authority types. The station reports the club was slapped by Wickliffe city council with restriction after repeated complaints earlier this year.

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